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The Teacher's Room is a site designed to provide foreign teachers who teach ESL abroad, created and designed by myself, a foreign ESL teacher who understands the needs for access to such tools. It was inspired by the former, which has since become defunct and has left a gap in the need of the functionality it used to provide.

My goal is to create a comprehensive and free set of tools to help make the ESL teaching life easier, and to provide more options and variety in teaching and entertaining young students. As an ESL teacher myself, I have never really been completely happy with the free tools available online, so I decided to take matters into my own hand and design my own.

As a software developer by trade, The Teacher's Room also acts as a way to practice my skills and put them to practical use. The site was designed entirely using handwritten HTML/CSS and Javascript. I intentionally avoided the need for server code, so that, if you wish, you can also download the site and use it offline anytime, for your own convenience or in case the site ever shuts down as did.

Feel free to share the site with fellow teachers and to use and copy the worksheets freely, with or without credit. Also feel free to tag on any of your own headers or footers to worksheets that you generate. All I ask of you is to not reduplicate and claim any parts of the site as your own! And if you do rehost any content online such as generated worksheets, it would be great if you let people know where you got them from.

Like, The Teacher's Room is a hobby for me, and all of its monthly expenses to provide this service to everyone are simply paid out of my own pocket. If you want to help me in sharing this service with other teachers around the world (or if you just wish to express your thanks and buy me a cup of coffee!), you can Paypal me a couple of dollars for some server money (or coffee money) using the bottom on the bottom-right corner of the site!

Some icons used around the site were made by Freepik from is licensed by CC BY 3.0.